Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Late Evening in KU Campus

Spring season evenings are pleasent and I got to spend some time in KU campus last week. Here are some pictures I could take.

I started in front of Budig Hall. I just realised how beautiful it looks in the eveningfading light and the lighting it has.

The tree silhouette really make it look more beautiful.
The small chandelier over those arches

The spotlights on the windows of the side walls with Moon peeping on it.

And the entrance on west side.

The Lindley hall, main entrance

View from Lindley Hall towards the Hostel Dorms

and the Eaton Hall in the night.


Varun said...

Nice pics.....a little more exposure chala asta

Vijay Barve said...

Thanks Varun. I should carry Tripod next time. I was not prepared this time.

SaHaS said...

Great pics especially the one with the lamp and moon

Unknown said...

khoop mast pics aahe...the auditorium looks so beautiful!...Excellent piece of work...!!

Chetan Giridhar said...

Black Background of the blogspot and the dark pictures that too with the moon and with huge mansions gives me a feel of haunted movies...Well thats photography....Mast aahe!!!

Jonathan.preet said...

tooooo good.

rahul nene said...

Very good pictures and it does do justice to subject. I do agree that more light for darker images could have been little better.

All in all nice pitcures.

Ravi said...

Very nice pictures.
What is the camera you use ?

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