Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Odissi Dance

Thanks to SPIC MACAY@KU (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth) citizens of Lawrence got to witness a Classical Indian Dance Performance by one of India's top most Odissi dancers - Rahul Acharya accompanied by Donia. Rahul is  not only an exquisitely elegant and talented dancer but also a Master yogi, a Sanskrit scholar and a bio-chemist.
 The stage at Woodruff Auditorium had a backdrop of a dance posture.
Rahul gave an introduction to Odissi dance form.
 Donia Dhanya Salem gave the first performance
Mangalacharan An invocational piece.
Mangalacharan includes Bhumi-Pranam, begging forgiveness of mother earth for stamping on her and Trikhandi Pranam or three fold salutation - above hear for God, in front of face for Gurus and in front of chest for the audience.

Second performance was by Rahul Acharya. 
It was Stahi, It belongs to the pure dance or Druta category of Indian Classical Dance.

Second performance by Donia was Pallavi.
Pallavi is a pure dance item in which a raga is elaborated through eye movements, body postures and intricate footwork.
This Pallavi was based on raga Arabhi so it can be referred as Arabhi-Pallavi.

Rahul again performed another Pallavi.
This was again a Pallavi in Raga Chakrawaka and experimental piece with question answer session between vocalist and the dancer.

 Abhinaya an expressionless dance where a story conveyed to audience through mudra or hand gestures.
This Abinaya was from famous Geetagovindam.

Final performance was Shivastaka by Adi Shankarachrya.

 Some really difficult postures were part of the performance
 After the performance.
 Dr. Geeta Tiwari appreciating the dancers and thanking them for wonderful performance.
After the performance there was informal discussion with interested students.

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Neil said...

Well the guy looks fine, but the girls's attire is very differnet from what we consider traditional in ODISHA!!!

Unknown said...

The costume you see here is the traditional Mahari costume of the temple dancers

Vijay Barve said...

Interesting observation Neil.

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