Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Early 2011 snow

Lawrence finally received the much awaited snow this week. This winter there was no White Christmas like 2008 and 2009. And snow almost did not cover the ground this season till now.

A lone branch braving the snow.
Sunshine next morning brought out the real beauty of the snow.
Children tried making snow castle.
Cars had got thick coats.
And toy cars were no exceptions.
Snow was glowing in the sunlight.
Trees had some snow caught on them.
Road were not visible.
Play area covered with snow.
Beautiful shadows.
Tree branches had snow linings.
House tops covered with snow.
Swings having snow cushions.
Man and machine trying to clear pathways.
Snow formations on bicycles.
These bottles has Ice Cream shaped snow accumulated on them.
Three Branches looking very beautiful.

If you have more pictures to share email them to  glimpsesoflawrence-owner@yahoogroups.com with suitable captions.

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