Saturday, October 23, 2010

KU Homecoming Parade 2010

International students is an integral part of any American University and Kansas University is no exception to that. In fact Kansas University has a large International Students community representing close to 100 countries and comprising of more than 5% of total students in the university.

Every year in the Homecoming parade, there is a special section of these International Students with their flags in this pared. Here are some photos of this years parade.
 Engeeneering Department display getting ready for parade
 International students collecting their respective country flags and sharing some moments.
 Time to take some photos with country flags.
Getting ready for the line ups.

 Practicing how to hold the flag...
 Other groups getting ready for the parade.
 With all the flags together, such a colorful sight.
 Motorcycle group leaving for parade.
 Horses getting ready
 Spectators gathered
 And the parade begins...
 So many people on both sides of the road watching.
 Some interesting displays in the parade.
 Students and families taking pictures with flags
  Friends getting together.
Time for photos with the flags
 Proud moments to hold the flag.
 Opportunity to get pictures in front of strong hall.
 Flying flag high.
Most popular photo location on KU campus, Kansas Union Jayhawk.

Here is the official homecoming album of Homecoming

If you have pictures of the parade and would like to share here, please email them to  and do leave your comments on the blog.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Music Concert of Classical Indian Music

Thanks to SPIC MACAY@KU (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth) citizens of Lawrence got to witness a concert by Pandit Uday Bhawalkar accompanied by Sanjay Agale on Pakhwaj.

 The hall arrangement was interesting with a small stage and seating very near to it. They call this traditional Indian seating.
 There was a beautiful Lord Krishna idol.
A few chairs were available for those who preferred chairs.
The artists arrived and getting ready with the setup.
Tuning up the Tanpura. Tanpura the string instrument being used was really a beautiful one.
Testing the sound system.
Introduction of the artists and beginning of the program.
 Introduction of the music and detailed explanation of the performance, so that spectators can enjoy it well. This also explained how Pandit Uday was trained with his Guru legendary Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar from India in a gurukul system where students stayed at Master's home as a family member for years of training.
 Several students for Kansas University...
 faculty members...
 and people of Lawrence ...
 of all ages were present.
 Performance in progress.
 During question and answer time, Pandit Uday explaining the making and working of Tanpura.
 Several people had some very interesting questions and Pandi Uday replied all of them with enthusiasm and animated explanations.
Vote of thanks at the end of the program.

SPIC-MACAY @ KU on Facebook

If you have attended this program please do leave your comments about this concert in the comments section bellow. If you have any pictures to share on this blog, email them to

Friday, October 15, 2010

Late Night in the Phog 2010

Late Night in the Phog is something all the Kansas University Basketball fans are looking forward to. Like most things in KU, this also has a long tradition of more than 25 years now. It is a nice opportunity to see both Men and Women basketball teams. Meet the new players and see how prepared they look.

The event is in the late evening but people specially students start gathering very early. For 7:30 event it is not unusual to see queues starting little after noon itself.

 Children playing Football, Soccer or Frisbee while parents are in the queue is a very common site.
 One rarely gets to see so many people waiting in queue in Lawrence. I guess this this the only place and time.
Then people got to enter Allan Field-house at 6:30pm for 7:30pm program.
 And have time to settle down, buy some snacks etc, before the program.
Program opened with Kansas University performing some good acrobatics.

 And a dance by the famous Rock Chalk Dancers. Usually during basketball games too, these performances are used as fillers.
Large screens were showing all the events.
And Baby Jay and Jayhawk always keep audience of all age groups entertained.

 Jayhawk even performed a dance along with Rock Chalk Dancers.
Jayhawk standout and NBA star Scot Pollard was the official host and entertained the crowd a lot.
Women Basketball team members performed dance sequences in groups of 4-4-3. Out of 12 members squad Nicollete Smith was not present for some family reasons.

Bonnie Henrickson gave a powerful speech and encouraged all people to attend the games and support the team.
It was nice to see all the returning players like Aishah Sutherland, Monica Engelman, Krysten Boogard, Carolyn Davis and Marisha Brown. It was good to see Angel Goodrich back in action in the scrimmage against practice squad. Tania Jackson also looked fit and participated in the scrimmage. It was nice to see new players on the team like Keena Mays, Brooke Jelniker, Diara Moore and Chalicia Harper aka CeCe.

There was an entertainment filler in between, which was really interesting.
 The sponsors of the Program Hyvee gave some flashing light toys for all to play. They looks fabulous when the stadium was made dark.
 Rock Chalk dancers again.
 Then it was mens squad who took the stage for dancing
 Even Coach Bill Self was dressed for the skit.
 It was interesting watching these famous basketball players dancing on the floor.
 Performance by KU band.
 Some film clips about the Kansas Basketball program.
 And finally introductions of men basketball squad.
 And their scrimmage...
Both the teams look promising this season and let us see how they perform in the real games now. 

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