Friday, April 17, 2009

Touch a Moonrock

NASA and Kansas University gave residents of Lawrence a opportunity to "Touch a Moonrock".

It was outside Eaton Hall in the Kansas University Campus.

It was nicely enclosed and people were allowed to touch and feel it.

The moon rock was collected in 1972 by Astonaut Jack Schmitt during the last visit of humans to the moon on the Apollo 17 mision. The fragment weighs 19.35 grams. The entire rock was 8110 grams when it was brought to Earth. This is mare basalt and it is about 3.37 billion years old, which is older than most of the rocks on the surface of the Earth.

There were a several information panels about Space Shuttles, NASA and Constellation Mission

There was a booth to take photographs in Astronaut outfit, which was also very Popular.

There were more than 2500 visitors who visited the exhibition in two days (13th and 14th April 2009). So now these 2500 people can proudly say I have "Touched a Moonrock".
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