Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snow Formations

These are some of the (hopefully) last snow of the season (2009-2010) in Lawrence. Just notices some unusual snow patters and some usual one but which I never captured or paid attention.

These are the daggers we regularly see, but this time the length was more than a feet. May be close to one and half feet.

An interesting curve formed by wind and snow. Can some mathematician give the equation to fit this curve ? This is the second time I observed this.Last time it was at the time of Blizzard in December.

The snow accumulation on the tree branches was unusually high this time.

Bird footprints or shall we call pug marks ? There were several Robins and Starlings out n the snow feeding on some seeds.

Our toy house was looking cute with snow cover.

Notice the streak of snow on the staircase railing.

and amount of snow accumulated on Bicycle handles and seats.

Branches and tree trunks.

And in some places there were dunes of snow like sand dunes. These were about one and half feet tall dunes, formed naturally.

And look at the outcrop of snow formed over a wall. This was almost six inches beyond the wall. This I notices for the first time.

And see this formation on a garden bench. probably due to gaps in the seat planks, the snow in between has fallen down, to form this pattern.

Tall accumulation snow caps, not an unusual one.

Adn these are formed due to melting snow water drops and falling daggers off the ceiling.

A lone branch standing in the snow was looking like a lone warrior.

This column of ice, was developed bellow a car. And was standing about nine inches without the top support.

Miniature caves formed by melting ice water.

Do let us know your favorite photo in the comments bellow.
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