Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Blizzard

Lawrence witnessed a blizzard on the Christmas eve this year. I am sure people were happy because we had White Christmas this year two. Here are some glimpses of last years White Christmas.

Here are some glimpses of the snow after the blizzard.
There was sunshine for some time after the blizzard was over.

There was around 6-7 inches of snow accumulation. This toy shows it well.
There was good amount of snow accumulation everywhere. The roads were not visible at all.
And cars were stuck in the snow.Some places it was really hard to believe that there was a road in front of us.There were interesting formations of the snow everywhere. This pillar base shows a circular ditch formed around it, due to high blowing winds.
And this corner shows another interesting pattern formed by snow and blowing winds.
There were patterns like sand dunes.

Another picture to give some idea of snow accumulation.

This shows people clearing out the snow, this was inside the porch of a building. Check out the depth of snow.

Snow, snow and snow. Hardly anyone seen outside.
Walking in the snow was quite a task.
But playing with snowballs was certainly fun !

And most enjoyable was snow sledding....!
This shows how deep was the snow at every step.
and people trying to get the cars out os parking to go for Chrismas party ???

The city bus serve T-Bus was off the road. Hopeing to post more glimpses soon on how Lawrence recovered from this.
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