Saturday, October 23, 2010

KU Homecoming Parade 2010

International students is an integral part of any American University and Kansas University is no exception to that. In fact Kansas University has a large International Students community representing close to 100 countries and comprising of more than 5% of total students in the university.

Every year in the Homecoming parade, there is a special section of these International Students with their flags in this pared. Here are some photos of this years parade.
 Engeeneering Department display getting ready for parade
 International students collecting their respective country flags and sharing some moments.
 Time to take some photos with country flags.
Getting ready for the line ups.

 Practicing how to hold the flag...
 Other groups getting ready for the parade.
 With all the flags together, such a colorful sight.
 Motorcycle group leaving for parade.
 Horses getting ready
 Spectators gathered
 And the parade begins...
 So many people on both sides of the road watching.
 Some interesting displays in the parade.
 Students and families taking pictures with flags
  Friends getting together.
Time for photos with the flags
 Proud moments to hold the flag.
 Opportunity to get pictures in front of strong hall.
 Flying flag high.
Most popular photo location on KU campus, Kansas Union Jayhawk.

Here is the official homecoming album of Homecoming

If you have pictures of the parade and would like to share here, please email them to  and do leave your comments on the blog.

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