Saturday, February 6, 2010

Save Our Neighbourhood Schools March

Save Our Neighborhood Schools group from Lawrence, Kansas organized a March in downtown Lawrence on 6th February 2010. Due to a significant shortfall in the Lawrence school district budget, the school board is considering closing some neighborhood elementary schools in East Lawrence. Several schools joined this March. Participants were school children, parents, friends and relatives and all the concerned citizens.

Here are some of the highlights of the March through photographs.
Members of the community started gathering at 10:30 am itself at the Liberty Hall on Mass Street in downtown Lawrence.
There were people representing different countries.....And different schools....
"Where the world goes to school" is really true for some schools in Lawrence. There are students from more than 30 countries in Hillcrest ElementrySchool being attended slightly more than 300 children.
There were some really creative banners.And very interesting participants too.
Around noon, the March began from Liberty Hall towards south park.
The march was led by a bunch of kids from elementary schools.

Flags of different countries were demonstrating the diversity involved in the March.
What thought to be small March, went on .... and on ....... and on.
With more counties, more schools and more people.

There were people in interesting outfits.

People on tricycles and...bicycles.
Finally... the long March ended with more than 1200 people. An unbelivable number for a small town like Lawrence.
There were some curious and interesting observers.
And downtown merchants showing support to the cause by displaying signs in their stores.
The March concluded in South Park, on Mass Street.

You may click on the photo to enlarge and feel free to download them for personal use.

To know more about the March check this.

Official Photo Gallery is Here.

Please leave a comment if you have more links to the photographs of this event.

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Ravi said...

Wonderful pictorial! You have told the story entirely with the photos. Good post.

I hope they find the money to keep the schools open.

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